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Artlover and Isadora in Spain

Gerald Ganglbauer  artlover & isadora 
we met on the net
  Romance in Cyberspace



Love gives you wings.
But when it's going into reverse gear it can become bad, real bad. 22 June 2000, 2:15 PM


27 October 2000, 2:45 PM

28 October 2000 Dear Bea, mi amor imposible! Let's just forget about what happened between 22 June and 27 October. We both learned our lesson. Let's move on. Both of us must have realised by now that our love is impossible. I am sorry for the bitter ending. But I have forgiven you. From today on - whenever I will think back - I try to remember the green fields and the wide open beaches, not the black storm.

The Feather

After you were gone
this very last morning
there was a feather
left behind on the bed
Once comes a time
when the use of wings
at its best would be
to simply fly away
...and not turn back Love gives you wings
but be careful:
they easily burn
too close to the sun


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