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Gerald Ganglbauer  artlover & isadora
we met on the net
  Romance in Cyberspace



Their paths never would have crossed in the real world. Even though they had been in the same places at the same time: 1982 in Colombia, 1990 in California, and than 1999 in Australia.
But on the net anything is possible...

ArtLover99 (George Green*)
42 years of age, single, Austrian Australian, lives in a cheap terrace house in a bohemian part of Sydney. Freelance graphic artist and writer, $20,000 in his day-to-day account, just back from Europe.

ISADORA2000 (Beatrice Blue*)
41 years old, separated from her second husband, Colombian Australian, lives with her daughters Anna & Maria in a very expensive penthouse in the City. Doesn't need to work, $2,000,000 plus in the bank.

Both were lonely. They had the same longings. For both it was time to love. They were ready to fall in love again. And they did. Genuinely.

What unfolds might somehow sound like Walt Disney's 'Lady and the Tramp', however, there's no more room for fairy tales in today's world.

*) All depicted persons and places are fictional.

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